FTF’s Free World-wide Access to Public Videoconference Sites

Currently, more than 1,800 public sites can be contacted directly using information in the FTF Directory.

The FTF home web page registers more than 800,000 page accesses from 155,000-plus visitors annually.

The FTF Worldwide Online Directory provides contact and compatibility information for public videoconference sites throughout the world. In its 8 years of existence, it has become the most reliable and extensive free database on the web for locating public-rental videoconference facilities.

The FTF Directory grows by several sites weekly. If you own or manage a public videoconference room, we will list your site for a minimal annual fee paid by credit card.

If you want to enter this interesting business yourself, we've even written a book on the subject, entitled Rental Videoconferencing -- The Virtual Travel Machine. When you sign up your site and order the book, we'll give you a 20% discount on both!

Or Use One of These Helpful Room Brokers

Videoconference arrangements can also be made through Affinity, asnet Technologies, or Why Go Inc., four highly rated "room brokers" offering public room assistance globally.

  • The Affinity VideoNet clickpoint takes you to this highly reliable company's web page and the brokerage and multipoint services they provide to private and public videoconference sites.

  • asnet Technologies – ATManaged Services provides fully managed videoconferencing facilities,available for hire, in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as an extensive range of affiliate rooms nationally and internationally.

  • Why Go Videoconferencing – With its own public rental rooms in Australia, Why Go can also assist you in arranging one or more sites in its growing list of brokered sites internationally.

All sites in the FTF Online Directory are public-access, and can contact each other. They charge a room/equipment fee plus a communications fee (when dialing out) for this service. You can reach them by fax, phone, or e-mail to obtain their fees and make reservations.

You can also communicate with them using the private videoconference system at your company. For this, your system must be H.320 compatible and use dial-up ISDN phone lines. One such system is the ISDN-based PictureTel 4200ZX.

Please Help Keep the Directory Up-To-Date

If you fail to receive a response from an e-mail inquiry, please let us know. We attempt to contact any site found not to be responsive to its provided email address. If their email bounces or we also receive no response, the site is removed from the Directory without notice. Your help is greatly appreciated in keeping the FTF Directory information valid and reliable.