What Our Clients Say

Consumer Health Products Group, Major U.S. Company:

"Our company has used Face-To-Face Inc.'s videoconference service with great success. We are impressed with their attention to detail and desire to create a "real-life" environment during the actual teleconferences."

German Metals Supplier:

"After only one teleconference, the value of the forum was clearly evident in coordinating our global business. The global management team now meets once per month on a three way connection between Tokyo, New York, and Frankfurt. We use these facilities operated by Face-To-Face Communications, Inc. because they are convenient, unique, and professionally operated."

Production Quality Control Team:

"That went really well. We got everything accomplished and it saved a trip [to Europe] for at least three people."

Japanese Manufacturer:

"The best thing is that managers don't waste their time taking trips. When they're out of the office, a lot of important actions have to wait. That's inefficient for everyone."

American Manufacturer:

"Our company uses this equipment in sites in the U.S. and Europe. It isn't all that important to see a person's face. What's most important is what he has to show you. You just can't do that by telephone."

Newspaper Reporter
(following VC interview with US movie director):

"Via videoconferencing technology, the director took questions through an uncannily clear video link, with no discernible lag time. While the press seemed a bit camera-shy -- seeing themselves on a subscreen -- (M. Night) Shyamalan ("Unbreakable" and "The Sixth Sense") seemed quite relaxed and ready to talk."