Videoconference Booking

Access our FTF Booking Form here. If you'd like more details first, please read the following.

Decide When and Where

  • Determine the date and time of the videoconference you want to hold. Determine the city or cities that will be contacted.
    If you wish, FTF can make the arrangements for you at a public rental facility at the Far Site, including multipoint meetings. (This service is only for clients of our own four FTF sites in Tokyo.)

  • Next, contact us by e-mail, voice or fax* to reserve the room. Or use our convenient booking form.
    Normally, we will respond within minutes during our workday (in Tokyo) and request the necessary information to set up your meeting. We'll also supply full room details and cost breakdown, and send you a map to your desired Tokyo FTF location.

  • Once we receive that information, you can leave the technical matters to us!

Our contact numbers in Tokyo are:

+81 3 3662-8595 (voice)

+81 3 3662-5339 (fax) (email)


Let Us Take It From There

Our staff will coordinate with the Far Site, confirm all technical and scheduling details, and arrange pre-testing to ensure your videoconference will be 100% successful.

You are asked to please make your reservation as far in advance as possible to ensure your meeting occurs when you want. In Tokyo, FTF has a choice of three excellent sites.

You can cancel, without obligation, up to 24 hours before your meeting is scheduled to begin. Within 24 hours, a one-hour cancellation fee is charged. However, if you reschedule to a later date (within one week), the cancellation fee is normally waived.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Visa, MasterCharge or American Express. Invoices are net 30 days.

Trust us to make your videoconference meeting perfect from start to finish, beginning with your very first contact with us. With FTF-managed videoconferencing services in Tokyo, the only thing you miss is the jet lag!


Before the Videoconference

Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to get set up and distribute materials to the other participants on your side. If you need it, staff will show you how to operate the simple-to-use keypad, document camera, and VCR.


During the Videoconference...

  • Open by introducing the participants. As you do, preset the remote control camera for one-touch camera repositioning.

  • Review your meeting objectives as well as the time allotted. If you realize the conference will go over the allotted time, immediately contact our Business Center staff. In most cases it will be possible to extend the meeting.

  • Use the document camera to freely exchange documents, small 3-D objects, color pictures, and other visuals. Be sure to make full use of the powerful visual and graphic capabilities of videoconferencing.

  • Set the camera presets for your key speakers to easily change the camera position for a dynamic and highly visual meeting. Encourage participation.

...and After

Survey participants about what they thought, and what they might do differently to make the next videoconference even better. Experienced VC users know that it can take a bit of mental and procedural adjustment when the other participants are not actually present. However, most "virtual business travelers" will agree that a large percentage of crucial business and communication can be efficiently conducted using the powerful, cost-effective medium of videoconferencing.