We’re Compatible with All Dial-Up Videoconference Systems

Our systems include PictureTel 4200ZX, PictureTel 4500 Concorde Series, PictureTel Swiftsite II, PictureTel Venue2000, and Polycom Viewstation 512, all highly reliable videoconference units that provide clear, smooth video and high-quality audio.

We can call, or be called, at 128, 256 or 384 kbps, using the optimum PictureTel transmission protocol SG3, SG4, or the international standards H.320. Our Polycom 512s (available in Tokyo only) offer 30 frames per second when connected with other Polycom units.

For boardroom use, the systems include either large plasma displays or 29-inch monitors, Virtuoso room microphone, document camera, remote-controlled video camera, and VCR for recording sessions.

For seminar use, Tokyo features either a 42-inch plasma display (at our ACCJ site) or 60-inch screen (at Park Hyatt Tokyo), with video projection systems and videoconference facilities. At the Hyatt, in our largest room we offer a wireless sound system and auxiliary camera for interactive exchanges between participants and presenters.

At our American Chamber of Commerce facility in Tokyo, two rooms are available — a comfortable boardroom holding up to 8 persons, and a larger meeting room that accommodates up to 40 participants, making it ideal for larger gatherings, workshops and seminars. A video projector is also available for large-meeting use.