As written in the June, 1998 issue of Videoconferencing Insight trade journal:

Global Videoconference Directory at Face-To-Face Communications in Tokyo

If you want to make a conference with someone at a site where you have no system of your own, where do you look for a public service? There are a number of places, but one of the best is the site on the web at www.ftf-tokyo.com. This belongs to Face-to-Face Communications, a company run by Hunter Brumfield that has Public Service bureaus at Park Hyatt Tokyo videoconferencing centre and the Grand Hyatt Videoconferencing Centre in Hong Kong. He started the directory of public sites just three years ago and it now has 647 certified-current public sites. (See update below.)

The directory is a free public service

"The directory is a free public service my company sponsors. So far we have no charges of any type and the return we get is the occasional client for one of our rooms (in Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong)," Hunter told us. He adds, "The more people who know about it the better, but this, like your journal, exists mainly for the good of the industry. Specifically, we seek to develop the use of public videoconferencing rooms offering their services on a rental basis. We have no affiliation with any manufacturers, although it was nice that PictureTel linked us, without our requesting, when it first opened its U.S. web page," he said.

How often is the directory used?

88,375 total requests (46,580 of which were HTML requests) were sent to 8,995 unique visitors (hosts) in 12,356 sessions by ftf-tokyo.com ( from 1 January to 19 April 1998. There were an average of 33.8 requests sent per hour, and a total of 360,662,638 bytes (360.66 megabytes) of information was sent. The average session length was 3 mins 33 secs and there was an average of 4.7 sessions per hour. "At this rate, we can anticipate approximately 50,000 sessions this year, assuming just 10% usage growth," Hunter told us.


By April 2002, the annual volume of visitors to the directory had passed 155,000, with more than 850,000 page views annually, and the number of registered public videoconference rooms had risen to more than 3,400, including broker-listed rooms. In September 2001, a registration fee of $25 was instituted for new public videoconference sites; however, using the directory to find sites remains a free public service. FTF later made it possible for existing sites to post more information on their rooms, also at $25 per year.

Face-To-Face Inc.-managed rooms now include five in Tokyo, one in Osaka, and one in Hong Kong.

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