How to Make Sure
YOUR Site Stands Out

With the FTF Site Details Advantage Program... can add valuable new information to your site listing, including promotional messages, special offers, rates, room and equipment details, etc., and modify what you want to tell your customers as often as desired.

The process is simple. We'll assign you your own user name and password. Thereafter, log-on, then click "Modify." You will see the site (or sites, if multiple) you, alone, are authorized to change. Add your details as described below. You can modify or add information in any category, or "field."

For instance:

  • In the Promotional Message field, describe what you consider to be the best aspects of your room, i.e., convenient location, friendly service, competitive rates, or other attractive features. Consider how your room stands out above your competition, and state it concisely here.

  • In Equipment, list all the equipment you have available. Many sites also mention their IP capability here.

  • In Additional Site Details, state your hours of operation, pricing, reservation policy, IP capability, additional services, or other key information on your room — up to a total of 255 characters for each field.

The choice is yours, including how often you want to refresh your information. Remember, the more you tell a client about your room, the more confidence he or she will have, and the more chance your room will be picked for that next reservation request.

To register, click here.

FTF reserves the right to edit or delete any information that goes against the intent of the FTF Worldwide Online Directory, or which may be considered unethical or offensive, or which may unfairly reflect on, or cause damage to, any other videoconference site in the Directory. All rights reserved. No individual or company is permitted to use this information, in any form, other than for videoconference reservation purposes.