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Rental Videoconferencing —

Profit from OUR experience, the easy way!

This "how-to" book offers numerous tips on starting or improving your own videoconferencing service.

Clear, concise
advice on:
Deciding whether VC is right for your business
Choosing the right equipment
Dodging (and solving) technical problems
Setting up your new VC site
Expanding your existing network
Partnering with a hotel or other service provider
Constructing the right reservation & payment system
Promoting your site locally and internationally
Using the Internet to best advantage
Signing up brokers to find clients for you
Building repeat business with the right strategies
Improving your existing business
Making extra money while keeping clients happy
Typical costs and policies of sites across the world
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Why learn from scratch? Learn in just hours what took us years. We're now in our 12th year in the videoconferencing business and enjoying the fruits of this finally maturing state-of-the-art communications technology. With this book we tell how you can do the same. Why you SHOULDN'T wait is just one of many items covered.

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This is the ideal source on videoconferencing for Hotels, Business Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Court Reporters, Universities, AV Services, Legal Services, and many others.

  • How to start, expertly operate, and improve your own rental service

  • A non-technical guide for entrepreneurs and business service providers
  • 164 fact-filled pages on what you need to know to make money and keep clients happy

  • Expert advice on setting up or improving your VC services
  • Scores of tips and insights to make your services more efficient and profitable
  • Advice on how to find clients from all over the world
  • How to make sure you get paid, how much, and for what
  • What experienced VC managers do and think, as summarized from our two surveys of hundreds of VC rooms internationally
  • Technology trends and where the market is rapidly going

Rental VideoconferencingThe Virtual Travel Machine,
Copyright Hunter M. Brumfield, Jr.