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Rental Videoconferencing —

Foreword to the E-Book Version

Videoconferencing is practically synonymous with speed. So we’re pleased to now offer this authoritative guide in an enhanced digital version, with all the convenience e-books have brought to the reading public.

Making it available over the Web also presents a way to reach the most number of readers quickly and at considerably less cost.

An e-book version also permits updating certain information, such as website URLs and the evolving face of the industry. Some of the earlier players are no longer around, while others have moved to the front. We’ll continue to track these changes and update the book as becomes necessary.

“The Virtual Travel Machine — The E-Book Version” originated from the Face-To-Face Communications website at http://www.ftf-tokyo.com, where payment through PayPal is possible. If that is how you acquired this book, thank you for your support. Please feel free to share it with others.

And if you received this e-book from an associate or friend and find it valuable to your business, your support will also be highly appreciated. PayPal, by the way, is the most brilliant and easy-to-use payment system since colored glass beads!

So, browse at will, use the contents and index links to jump to the parts that most interest you, highlight and bookmark what you find most helpful, and learn how you can make money virtually at the speed of light.

Of course, the printed version remains available, and can be ordered through the same URL. But you will have to wait for snail mail!

— The Publishers

Rental VideoconferencingThe Virtual Travel Machine,
Copyright Hunter M. Brumfield, Jr.