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The Most Important VC Tool You Can Have

A business guide by
Hunter M. Brumfield, Jr.


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Videoconferencing —


This is THE authoritative guide on how to start and successfully operate a for-hire public videoconference service. All you need is the desire to enter an interesting new business, and the enthusiasm to make it happen.

A former award-winning newspaper writer and MBA holder, Hunter M. Brumfield has established and oversees seven rental videoconferencing sites in Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong.

The same business logic and practices apply regardless of the site location and, with expertise gained from 11 years in the business, Brumfield offers the most complete guidance available anywhere on how to set up and operate a successful videoconference service.

In addition to his own extensive hands-on experience, he includes the insights of scores of other "videoconference pioneers" on virtually every continent to present a truly global perspective on the key aspects of this exciting and profitable service field.

In this first-ever book to focus exclusively on the videoconference rental industry, the author provides readable, detailed, non-technical guidance to help you succeed in a global business with unlimited growth potential.

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