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How to Sign Up Your Site

Use the submission form below to sign up your public videoconferencing site in the Site Details Advantage (SDA) Program.

You will be assigned your own password. This permits you to add or change information for your site at any time.

The annual administration fee is $25. Your site details will be listed for 12 months. You will then be notified when the renewal fee is due.

Failure to pay, or a bounced message, will result in removal of your site information.

To find out more how the Site Details Advantage Program can help you increase the use of your videoconference services, click here.

Payment Methods

Payment may be made by credit card (Mastercard, VISA, or American Express), PayPal (which also accepts secure credit card transactions), or personal check on a U.S. bank.

Fill out the form below, and we will e-mail instructions on how to make your payment, depending on which payment type you select. (With PayPals, your payment can be made instantaneously, and your site will be up within 1 work day.)

You can enroll more than one public site in the program, for $25 per site. Volume discounts for four or more sites are possible (please inquire).

Note: All sites in the FTF Global Public Videoconference Directory provide videoconferencing services on a rental basis to the general public. Your room must already exist or be in the final stages of starting up in order to be listed in the FTF Directory.

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Book & Site Discount

YES, I would like 25% discount for both the first-year registration of my site details AND the book. Please supply me the book ordering details. (Total cost: $40.00)

We periodically contact all site administrators by e-mail to confirm that their information is still valid.
If your e-mail is returned as "undeliverable," it will be assumed your site is no longer operating.
It will then be removed from the directory at FTF's discretion.