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We Do Videoconference Events Anywhere in Japan

If you have a videocoonference event planned for Japan where absolutely everything must go smoothly, we hope you will take the first important step by contacting us. You arrange the venue and the participants, and we take care of all videoconference-related details, with planning and on-site management and far-site coordination expertly handled in English and Japanese.

We're known world-wide as "the" videoconference event people in Japan.

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Backup Polycom System is Standard

A standard element of our event services is to provide, at no additional charge, a backup Polycom system (two ViewStation 512 units) to provide that crucial "extra" assurance for a 100% successful videoconference. Yet you'll still find us among the most competitively priced in Japan, while providing the sort of bilingual service and expert handling you can implicitly trust with your important videoconference meeting.

Learn for yourself why MCI, Sprint, Affinity, Proximity, V-SPAN, and other international event-organizers call on FTF when they have key clients with special videoconference requirements in Japan.

Venues and clients of our bilingual event services include:



• Park Hyatt Tokyo
• Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
• Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, Tokyo
• ANA Hotel, Tokyo
• ANA Hotel, Osaka
• Izumi Gardens, Tokyo
• Westin Hotel, Tokyo
• Sanyo Media Center, Tokyo
• Swedish Embassy, Tokyo
• American Chamber of Commerce
• Hotel Okura, Tokyo
• Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Karuizawa
• Tokyo American Club
• Metropolitan Hotel, Morioka
• others

Greek-American pianist-composer Yanni on nine-nation videoconference "Virtual Tour"


MIT • Barclays Group • Swedish Embassy • Buena Vista International • Canadian Embassy • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce • American Chamber of Commerce in Japan • GE Real Estate • Japan Statistics & (Market) Research Co. Ltd. • Tokyo Gas Inc. • Danone/Yakult • CNN • Newsweek • History Channel • Sprint • United Nations • UCLA • World Health Organization • Gierrevideo (French news station) • Gucci • United Nations Development Program • U.S. Olympic Committee • Telecom New Zealand • Bryant College • Fashion Institute of Technology • Universal Music (Limp Bizkit) • Dreams Come True • Yani "Virtual World Tour" • Bungei Shunju (Japanese magazine) • Victory Family Center • Aquitaine Investments • Al Gore (Timberland) • American School in Japan • Cleveland Clinic • others

* The special events listed here were public in nature. They included multipoint or extended meetings and seminars; court appearances/depositions (where permitted by international agreement); publicity events and news conferences; sport (baseball players Irabu & Nomo) and musical group media interviews; "sister city" meetings; technical and medical device demonstrations; NGO multipoint meetings involving as many as 45 separate locations;Suzuki Method strings demonstration; Japanese food preparation demonstrations; watch design contest judging; live newscast TV interviews; Internet web streaming; corporate global video and audio multicasts; and even an all-day rock band tryout with the judge in California.