Videoconference-Related Links on the World-Wide Web

Videoconferencing is a natural overlay onto the WWW, and vice-versa due to the global nature of each. We list our favorite videoconference and related web sites here and invite you to recommend others by e-mail.

  • Videoconferencing and the Law
    This is a briefing paper on the use of videoconferencing for prisoner arraignment, mental health hearings, appellate court oral arguments, probation interviews, and pretrial conferences. Pros and cons presented. (Prepared by Technology Information Exchange Service, operated by the National Center for State Courts.)

  • VOIP Service Comparison is a one-stop shopping site for VOIP phone service. You can compare different voip providers, read reviews, and search for phone service in your area.

  • All Conference Services
    provides you with easy-to-follow information about various ways of distance communication either through phone lines or internet. You'll find guides and recommendations on how to choose best services for your home or business including conference calls, audio, video and web conferencing, online meetings and other conferencing solutions.