Mobile and Rental Videoconferencing Services

For Use Virtually Anywhere in Japan

Our mobile/rental equipment consists of Polycom ViewStation 512 and PictureTel SwiftSite II systems, capable of speeds from 128 to 384kbps (or higher, if IP-Internet broadband). They provide clear, smooth video, excellent sound and reliable performance, making them ideal for even large-audience, interactive video-events. This opens up the opportunity for occasional or regular seminars, training sessions, and speaker appearances for corporations, embassies, public groups, and institutions of higher learning. Virtually anywhere in Japan, we provide both the equipment and the human expertise to make your seminar, workshop or video-event occur with applaudable success. Please inquire for rates and availability.

Rental System at Your Corporate Site in Japan

We offer high quality rental videoconference systems and service as part of daily, weekly or monthly corporate plans. We install and test, give basic instructions, and, if you wish, provide optional on-site assistance. Special rates are offered, depending on the duration of use. (Note: This service is not available to public rooms offering rental services to the public.)

Recent Video-Events

Tryouts for Japanese guitarist for rock/rave band Lymp Bizkit.

This four-hour event took place at our 40-person facilities at Kamiyacho, attended by staff from Universal Music and the band's manager on our side, with the group's lead singer, Fred Durst, in LA. Twenty-two amped-up guitarists auditioned before the VC camera, in probably the rock world's first-ever VC tryouts. Awesome, dude!

Two 2-hour VC sessions with Paris, for a focus-group marketing study.

Our client hired our equipment and staff for a highly revealing marketing study in which groups of consumers were interviewed about their likes and dislikes on products planned for Japan. The VC link made it possible for marketing specialists in Paris to also "attend" the interviews, and make comments and recommendations during and between each focus-group session.

Telemedicine demonstration of artificial heart in Canada controlled from Japan.

Coordinated by the Canadian Embassy, visually connecting a site in Osaka (repeated three days later in Tokyo) to a clinic in Ottawa, Canada. More than 500 persons, including all major Japanese newspapers and several TV networks attended these demonstrations, touted as a "historical" use of artificial heart control equipment.

Two-day management training clinic.

This occurred in a beautiful hot springs spa area of Japan, as part of a week-long orientation for a Japan-U.S. joint venture, using our mobile videoconference system, a customer-supplied projector, and pre-arranged 128-kbps ISDN connection providing highly satisfactory viewing results for a small meeting (50-person) training environment.

Here’s what our client thought of this meeting:

I wanted to thank you sincerely for the very successful video conference on Friday/Saturday. I greatly appreciated the great professionalism of all your staff in light of our own constantly changing schedules. It was a great pleasure working with you. I hope to do so again in the near future.


Michael Ballagh, Acting Director, International Programs, Pitzer College

High-profile lecture on Internet Marketing, by noted e-biz guru.

Staged in a Tokyo hotel, our Polycom ViewStation 512 provided the feed for a simultaneous web-cast generated out of North America, with real-time web audience Q&A.