Videoconference Service Rates

TOKYO — Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel, Shinjuku

(5-minute taxi ride from Shinjuku Station)

The following rates include the use of Polycom 512 system plus document camera in our 4-person videoconference room or 14-person executive boardroom. Charges are based on 15-minute increments, with a 1-hour minimum (a 90-minimum may apply; please see below). Fee includes boardroom, system, and phone charge (when call is placed from Tokyo).

Please specify which room size (1-4 or 5-14 persons) you will need for your videoconference meeting. At least 24-hour advance notice is requested, subject to availability.

Data speeds: 128 to 384 kbps (2ch, 4ch, or 6ch)


With any site worldwide (per hour)
Call-in ¥50,000 $450

If call is incoming, only room & equipment charge + 5% tax applies.

Calling out to U.S. and most sites worldwide
(per hour)*
U.S. dollars
Call-out at 2ch add 25,000 yen to room & equipment fee $240
Call-out at 4ch add 50,000 yen to room & equipment fee $450
Call-out at 6ch add ¥66,000 to room & equipment fee $624

*These fees apply to the U.S., western and central Europe, Australia and most Asia. Dial-out fees may vary for some countries, please inquire. Currency conversion based on 105 yen = US$1.
Plus 5% Japanese consumption tax.

Hours of operation: 24 hours, 7 days a week. Same rates apply, all hours. One-hour minimum from 8 am to 8 pm; 90-minute minimum from 8 pm to 8 am and weekends and national holidays.


  • Staff assistance for meeting — ¥5,000 ($50) per hour

  • VHS videorecorder — ¥5,000 ($50) (includes cassette)

  • First-time communications pre-check — please inquire (no charge if call is placed to us)

  • Multi-Point site arrangement — please inquire.
    We can make all arrangements for you, including distant sites and bridging services.

  • Food & beverage service — please inquire

  • Document camera — no added charge; if you would like to use it, please inform us while booking the room.