Comments from Site Managers

I have found that your site is extremely well known to the industry insiders and has been a real benefit to the videoconferencing industry as a whole. You are definitely doing something right.

Harry L Henning
Director of Business Development
VTC Meetings Inc.

Dear Hunter Brumfield,

Attached is a link to an article that was just published. I used your text as a guidebook [Rental Videoconferencing: The Virtual Travel Machine] and it is starting to pay off, although I am only skin-deep into it. Thought this might interest you.

John Lombardo
Branches, West Long Branch, New Jersey USA
(Caterering + videoconference service entrepreneur)

Dear FTF,

First of all I want to thank you for your support in promoting our sites. We have received excellent proposals from clients from your web site. From some time ago I have not received the information you used to send related to videoconferencing. I will appreciate if you keep sending them to me.
Thank you and congratulations. You have a great videoconference database on the web.

Luis Acosta
Marketing Executive
TDM Cd. Juarez Mexico
E-mail: (Luis Acosta)

Hi there

I just ran a search on "videoconferencing, Auckland, New Zealand", using GoTo, and your site came up first. Congratulations. Unfortunately you don't have my details as a public videoconferencing site and I thought you might like to have them for your next website update.We are in a joint venture with Telecom NZ, so clients booking through Telecom NZ are likely to be here. We have been providing this service since 1993 and certainly are amongst the most experienced public sites in New Zealand.

Thanks very much! I'm looking forward to videoconferencing with you.


Klaus Reiter
Centre Manager
Auckland Business Centre
The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand


I use your directory often and find it a great help.

I needed to find a room in [xxxx] England today and rung one of your listings - [name of company]. I was told that the company is no longer in business and they stopped video-conferencing around a year ago.

Could you please confirm this yourself and take their sites off your directory?

Thanks for your help,

Anna van der Schuit Customer Service Manager
The Video Meeting Company

Note from FTF:

We appreciate receiving this sort of information and after checking it ourselves, we removed the old listing. This way, plus occasional emails to all listed sites (bouncing results in immediate removal), is how we attempt to maintain valid listings. If you run across a defunct listing, please let us know!